Alpine MusicSafe Pro Black Earplugs


  • Prevents hearing damage and tinnitus as a result of exposure to loud music
  • With three high-fidelity filter sets: Gold (22 dB), Silver (19 dB) and White (16 dB)
  • Features a unique interchangeable filter system: choose your own level of sound attenuation
  • Excellent sound quality, 100% sound
  • Made from high-tech AlpineThermoShape™ material
  • Perfect fit, can be worn comfortably for hours on end
  • Includes a storage case, carrying cord, cleaning spray and a spare earplug
  • Reusable and easy to put in and take out
  • “The #1 Earplug” for music lovers and professionals in more than fifty countries

Also available in Transparent.

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Alpine Hearing Protection
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Hearing is a crucial sense for musicians. However, this group in particular often develops hearing damage. Hearing protection is therefore a real must-have.

MusicSafe Pro is the only hearing protection for musicians with three exchangeable filter sets for low, medium and high protection. These unique Alpine Acoustic Filters with selective absorption guarantee optimal protection against harmful noise levels, while preserving excellent music quality. Depending on the instrument you are playing, your position on the stage or the kind of music you are playing, you can always choose the protection that suits you most.

  • With three different filter sets included
  • White (16 dB) Silver (19 dB) Gold (22 dB)
  • The acoustic filters retain the music quality

Also available in Transparent.

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With Alpine Hearing Protection, musicians can safeguard their hearing while still enjoying their craft. Provide exceptional noise reduction, allowing you to focus on your music without the fear of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).
Alpine Hearing Protection


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